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In 2017, Griiip is bringing a new and exciting concept to the world of racing – the G1 Series. A racing series that will be focused on you – the driver.
Soon coming to a track near you – don’t miss the opportunity to try the G1!

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Built for

Meet the G1

Designed in Israel.
Manufactured in Italy.

Griiip is the perfect combination between Israel’s innovative tech culture and the Italian passion for racing. Our mission is to bring motorsport back to the people. To open new possibilities for more drivers, enabling them to pursue their dreams.

From dream
To the race tracks

We started working on our dream with a clear vision – To design a professional race car, that delivers real excitement to both drivers and spectators, yet highly cost-effective.
The result is the G1.

Our adrenaline machine

When passion and technology meets, the G1 is our innovative and beautifully engineered race car, designed according to the premier bike engine single seater category in the world – Formula 1000, bringing new features to the already established racing series.

Performance & Safety

The G1 is one of the lightest race cars in the world, with a weight of 470 kg including the driver. Together with the powerful 1000cc engine, it has an amazing power to weight ratio. The safety features includes front, rear and side crash structures, on-board fire extinguisher and 6 point safety harness.


Meanwhile, in Italia...

We are excited to bring you Griiip – a new kind of race car manufacturer.
Griiip was born out of love and passion for motorsport, for engineering and for the competitive spirit inside everyone of us, which creates the fuel for our hearts – adrenaline.

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