Ciao everybody!

The last couple of months were incredibly intensive over at Griiip’s workshop. We had many amazing moments as we progress.
First – we completed the manufacturing of the first new car and on the 14.8 tested it, for the first time, at ‘Riccardo Paletti’ circuit, Varano de’ Melegari, Italy. After that exciting day, we managed to complete an intensive testing program, taking the car to its limits and looking for any problem that need fixing. Our two drivers – Federico and Davide, got really connected to the car and helped us find a good base setup. The current lap record at Varano for our G1 is 1:07.3, already 3.2 seconds faster than the G1 prototype. Achieving this fast lap time was a real surprise for us, as we didn’t expect the car to go so fast so early into the testing program. This gives us a lot to look for in the next tests.
In parallel, at our workshop, the second car is almost finished and will be ready for testing by the end of October. We can’t wait to see two G1s together on the track!
There are many more exciting developments going on, and we are doing everything to make the next post the most exciting until now.

See you soon at the tracks!

The Griiip team