First race – First win!!!

Hi everybody!
Things in Griiip are progressing, and fast. We have completed the test drives of the first car and had the opportunity to participate in a race with the G1. The race was in Cremona and it was our first real race – a wheel to wheel, from the green light to the checkered flag race. This race was a preparation race for the next year organised by a series called ‘Formula X‘. We raced against different formula cars like Formula 3 and Formula Renault. At the practice sessions we were fastest out of the 14 cars in our category, and also fastest in qualifying which granted us the pole position. First race – pole position! We were very happy but a pole position doesn’t worth a lot without a win, and we knew we had some tough competitors and after all, it is our first race…
When race time arrived, our driver – Davide Vettori – put the G1 on the starting grid and waited for the start, very tense seconds and when the race finally started – we lost 2 places before the first corner, but Davide, with an amazing display of driving, overtook both cars, from the outside (!) and before the third corner he was back in the lead! During the race Davide kept the lead, making zero mistakes and bringing the G1, at its first race ever, to the top of the podium in first place! What a moment! The feeling of accomplishment was indescribable. We won! We knew we can do it, we knew the G1 is fast, and now we proved it so everybody will know. Only a day after, we feel we achieved something meaningful and receiving great feedback from competitors that now want to try our car. The best way to start our legacy – first race, first win! 
Stay tuned for more updates soon.
The Griiip team