Happy new year!

Hi! We hope 2017 started well for everybody. 
Due to the frozen weather in Italy we had very little track activity since the last post. We keep inside the warm office (in Israel) or workshop (in Italy) and concentrate on the assembly of the new cars and the preparation of the 2 first G1s for when the sun will come out and we can drive again, to host some Israeli and Italian drivers that are waiting to test our cars.
Looking forward to 2017 we are filled with anticipation and excitement. We feel that after 4 years of building the foundations, this year will be the year we start going up and up and start seeing our cars running all over the world, changing this sport and bringing it back to the people. Our 2017 racing season will start on April 30th, at the first race of the ‘Formula X’ championship at the fantastic ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ track in Pavia, Italy, and we invite everybody that wish to join us to contact us and book their flight ticket today! 
Until the next update – all the best and may 2017 will be the greatest year ever for all of us!
The Griiip team