A Dream Coming True.

We are excited to bring you Griiip – a new kind of race car manufacturer. Griiip was born out of love and passion for motorsport, for engineering and for the competitive spirit inside everyone of us, which creates the fuel for our hearts – adrenaline.

Griiip has a clear philosophy – to bring the most amazing race cars to the people that are passionate for motorsport. To achieve engineering beauty by maximizing the areas that provide value for the drivers, technicians and spectators. This philosophy can be described as ‘Cost effective’, and will allow us to bring you cars that will move your heart, while keeping costs in close control. Cars that will reignite the thrill of racing, something we feel had been lost in recent years.

Our first car is the perfect result of this philosophy – a car that delivers extreme performance, that looks and sounds like a race car should, but that costs less than any other car you can compare to – the G1 is truly a revolutionary race car! We are now at the production of the first series of 5 cars in Italy, at the heart of the famous ‘Motor Valley’, and preparing to start activity during the second half of 2016. All the details will be published here on the website. During this year we will also want to make first contact with you, to hear your desires and to learn about the race cars you want.

This is the beginning of our journey. It will be one you don’t want to miss.

The Griiip Team.